Getting Started with the SCQ

The SCQ is a powerful tool that enables researchers, healthcare providers, and system leaders to improve compassion. Here are some tips to get you started.

Why Measure Compassion?

Developing a culture of compassion in healthcare is as critical for our patients as it is for our healthcare providers. Compassion has the power to improve the quality of care, patient outcomes, the patient experience, healthcare costs, and healthcare provider well-being.

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01. Why measure compassion
Animated patient talking with doctor using compassion measure

Start Measuring Compassion Today

Whether you're a researcher, healthcare provider, educator, systems analyst, or healthcare leader, you can now advance compassion in healthcare with the SCQ.

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The Evolution of the SCQ

The SCQ was informed by patients themselves. We began by going the bedside to truly understand and integrate how patients perceived and experienced compassion in healthcare. This formed the foundation of the compassion models that fuel the SCQ.

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02. Evolution

Adaptations of the SCQ

The SCQ was built to create a deep understanding of patients' experiences of compassion in specific healthcare settings, populations, disciplines, and educational contexts. The different adaptations of the SCQ provide clinically relevant, evidence-based, targeted, and personalized tools to advance compassion across healthcare.

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03. Adaptations

Using and Scoring the SCQ

To ensure the highest quality data when measuring compassion with the SCQ, here are some do’s and don’ts to help reduce bias and correctly interpret your findings. For more detailed information, you can refer to the SCQ user manuals or get in touch with us directly.

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04. Using and scoring

Expand Your Compassion

Journey into the hidden world of compassion. Discover our educational videos about the art and science of compassion.  

The Compassion Cinema

Have more specific questions?

Do you have a more complicated clinical scenario, specific research project, or query about embedding the SCQ in an existing healthcare survey? Refer to the user manual, check out the FAQ below, or reach out to our team directly! We want you to feel confident when measuring compassion with the SCQ.

Visit our lab website to learn more about how the art and science of compassion can improve lives.